Exim is a free, highly configurable, robust MTA (‘mailserver’) which enjoys widespread use by small and large organisations alike. I’ve built this page to provide some useful information about it; primarily in terms of content scanning for spam/viruses. Also see my post about checking maildir quotas.

Spam/Virus scanning with Exim 4.x

I’ve produced a mini “howto” summarily describing how to set up Exim 4.x to perform ‘realtime’ virus and spam scanning on incoming mails.

Currently, this guide covers Exim 4.50+, with SA-Exim 3.1+ and the Content Scanning Extension/Exiscan-ACL. Information about ‘original’ (non-ACL) Exiscan is no longer included, but you can download an older version which includes this below.

Comments/suggestions/corrections etc. are welcome – contact me.

The last version which covers ‘original’ Exiscan:

Exim course notes

I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest speaker at two Exim courses held at Cambridge University; the notes and slides are online.