mod_fcgid 2.3 with PHP

Today, and after some experience elsewhere, I upgraded my personal live server (running sites such as Webcams in Norway) to mod_fcgid 2.3. I’ve been using mod_fcgid in production for the best part of a couple of years now, after rather a lot of research and testing into the best solution to securely host multiple PHP sites (and after dalliances with other solutions such as suphp). mod_fcgid is a great solution in many ways but has suffered for a long time from a lack of love – it was always rather fragile and the configuration didn’t always work as documented especially across multiple virtual hosts (and that’s setting aside the confusing option names). But now it’s been taken under the wing of the Apache project, it’s really feeling like a solid and reliable piece of software. Kudos to Ryan Pan, the original author, and all those who have worked on it since.

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